The museum is housed in a residential building from the end of the 14th century located in the historic center of Bratislava, close to Michael Gate.

The museum was established thanks to volunteers and art connoisseurs as well as private collections. Exhibition activities focus particularly on Constructivist and Neo- constructivist tendencies in visual arts.

The permanent exhibition of work of Milan Dobeš and permanent collection of international constructivism is displayed on three floors. The fourth floor presents temporary exhibitions.

Museum was founded with the European Cultural Society Foundation. At present, the museum is owned by an engineering holding VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP, which provides funds and management to the museum.

Milan Dobeš

Milan Dobeš, born on July 29, 1929 in Přerov. He studied at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava with Professors Ladislav Čemický, Bedřich Hoffstädter and at the Department of Landscape Painting with Professor Dezider Milly. Since 1960 he has been producing visual-kinetic and luminous-kinetic object.

Wrote manifestos on Light and Movement and on Dynamic Constructivism. Took part in major exhibitions of optic and kinetic art in Slovakia and abroad.

Permanent exhibition of Milan Dobeš

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